The idea of waking up late on a saturday is foreign to me as i usually work on saturdays. Having yesterday off was fab.

The telephone line in my house is messed up. It’s really staticy and sometimes when people call, it rings for approximately 1 quarter of a ring…then it stops. The person on the other end hears dead air…then eventually a fast busy signal, then it hangs up. The telephone guy came to look at it yesterday. After looking around and doing a few things here and there, he concluded that it was a problem outside that would require some digging. He said someone would come by to look at the phone lines another time. When I asked when, he said he didn’t know. About an hour after he left, the phone company called and said someone would be around the next day.

So today, sure enough, the phone company came again. The gentleman did some work outside while my father assisted any way that he could. Myself, my mother, and my sister went to church while my dad stayed behind to look things over.

After church, my mother and I dropped my sister off at home while we went to the post office inside of the drug store. Back in December (on Christmas day, actually) I bought an external keyboard from Best buy. I wanted it for my netbook since the keyboard is so small. I need it to take notes during lectures at school. Well, as soon as March rolled around. the keyboard started doing funny stuff. Some of the letters that I would usually type with my left hand stopped working. Since I type quite fast and without looking at the screen all the time, I was quite shocked to look at my computer screen after typing for about 2 minutes to see that very little of what I typed made any sense. When I went back to the bestbuy website, I saw that the keyboard was still under warranty, so I emailed the company.

They replied very promptly (about 3 hours later) and sent me an RMA number and instructions on how to send the product back. The only bad thing that I can say is that I had to pay for return shipping myself. So, after church, we went to the post office and I sent the keyboard back. School starts tomorrow so I hope to get my keyboard back soon.

Anyhow, time for me to go online and check out the gift I’d like to get for my sister for her birthday (May 11…which is also my birthday!) I know what I want to get her, but I’ll refrain from mentioning it now, lest she visit my blog and be wise to what she’ll be getting next week.


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