Tomorrow, my project management group will be doing our presentation on our concert which is meant to raise funds for Lupus.

I hope I don’t fumble over my words or anything like that. Naturally, Lupus is a topic that I’m very comfortable with in terms of speaking about it, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve decided not to script myself too much. I wanted to make the presentation as natural as possible. I want it to be sincere and from the heart.

I’ve wondered whether or not I’d reveal to the class that I have Lupus. The way I’d position that is the fact that I’d talk about how you Lupus in such an “invisible disease” and it is virtually impossible to look at someone and determine that they have lupus. Then I’d say something like “we have all been in this class for the entire summer semester and I bet none of you knew that I had Lupus…”

I’m kind of shying away from that. I’m not scared to tell people I have lupus per se, but I’m afraid of how people might react, in spite of the fact that I’m trying to educate people as much as possible about the cause without eclipsing the whole purpose of the presentation, which is the concert we’re throwing…not necessarily the reason we’re throwing the concert.

Oh well. It is getting late and I have to be good and ready to present tomorrow so I had better get changed, get some shut eye, and pray that I remember to say everything that I want to say!


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