My school bag is packed and I’m all ready for another fantastic semester starting tomorrow. I’ve done my schedule in such a way that I’ll only have one class per day. Tomorrow, it’s Training and Development. I will admit, the break seemed pretty short even thought it was 3 weeks long. My intent was to finish school in 2 years instead of 3 by going to school in all semesters without taking any time off, but I am unsure if i’ll be able to do that. I definitely want to finish school sooner than later so that I may move to a position that utilizes said skills, but I also don’t want to go nuts! I think my answer to this is to perhaps go to school part time next summer, maybe 2 or 3 classes. We’ll see!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so my friend Carmela and I went to the park. I would consider her to be quite the photographer, and I’m sure many others would agree also. I have always wanted a new picture of myself that I could put on my blog. I wanted something that somehow represented both my blog and myself.

The idea of me taking a picture with my fistula showing immediately came to mind. I wanted to just kind of be like…yes, here I am, this is me and this is my fistula. I deal with it so you should too. I think the picture came out great! The picture is actually in the top left margin of my blog, but I wanted to post it again right here in this entry, a little bigger than the picture on the left, so you can get a real feel for Carmela’s wonderful work.

Thanks Carm!


1 comment on “Back to School

  1. I just found your blog – I think it's great! Best of luck balancing all that you have going on…sounds like you have a great attitude to make it happen.

    I, too, have systemic lupus (diagnosed at the age of 26), and recently wrote a book about my experiences with the disease, called “Despite Lupus”. Today, I'm living well, but it took some major soul searching and some big lifestyle changes to get here. But I'm making it, and it sounds like you are too, despite lupus!

    Take care – I'll be sure to check back to your blog often.
    Sara Gorman


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