Yes, my title pretty much confirms how I felt yesterday… and to some degree, today as well. Yesterday was just an awful day. My joints were killing me and I could hardly walk. My stomach felt like…it felt like there was something in my stomach pushing it outwards. It was a constant pressure, like someone leaning against a wall. It hurt to touch.

My father was nice enough to bring me a hot water bottle before he went off to work. It helped. I walked around my house like a robot with the stiffness and pain in my joints. I felt like if I could just walk around a little bit more…my joint stiffness would lessen. But the catch- it hurt to walk.

Today I have to go to school and see my disability coordinator. She will give me a package to provide to all of my professors to basically outline all of my needed accommodations.

I should get ready as I should really be leaving my house in about half an hour. I hope I feel better!


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