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Tests, Assignments, and more tests!

I’m feeling even better than I was before, but still super tired and rundown. This change in weather (wet, soggy, etc.) is really hard for everyone to deal with health wise…nevermind the immune compromised. A lack of sleep due to studying doesn’t exactly make the situation any easier either!

I’ve written a few tests over the past few days, and there are more to come. So far I’ve written a quiz in my training and development class. I wasn’t too pleased with my mark-I got 22/30, or 73%. I hate it when I write a test, get it back….and then realize my silly mistakes. Myself and two other people did a group assignment for that class as well for which we got 77%. Not exactly thrilled with that either.

Today I did my online managerial accounting test. It was a multiple choice test worth 30% of our final mark! I walked into that test with my knees shaking. I managed to bang out a 26/30, 87%, so I was pleased with that, considering the fact that I felt like I had so much to remember and couldn’t seem to remember anything when I tried. It all kind of came back to me when I got into the test. I’m glad I did well, as the median mark for the class was under 50%! Yikers! I hope I continue to do well in my other classes.

I have a test worth 15% in recruitment and selection on Friday. I think I’ll do really well in that…I hope! Then, the following week I have an economics test. I really need to study hard for that!

Speaking of studying hard, I must go now. I have to study for a few hours, set up my machine, and dialyse!


2 comments on “Tests, Assignments, and more tests!

  1. Hope you feel better with the weather change…I don't miss school at all, lol


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