The week that I prayed would end is finally over. I’m not sure why I’m so excited that it’s over, as I have to work tomorrow and try to finish two assignments and study for an economics test! Then, the week after next I have to worry about 2 more tests – English and Training & Development. I wrote my Recruitment and Selection test today. I’m pretty happy with the test I think. The prof gave everyone a review sheet, basically telling us everything that we should study. Boy, was that study sheet ever helpful. There were so many possible things to remember in just three chapters…it would have driven me crazy. I hope I did well…but I feel like I did. Some of the multiple choice was tricky. Don’t you hate those “All of the above” questions? There were a few tricks in some of them and I am sure that some people will get caught with some of them.

I am looking forward to hitting the hay right after this post. The sooner I go to sleep, the sooner tomorow will come, the sooner it’ll be time to go to sleep again, therefore allowing me to sleep in on Sunday! Hehe.

Monday is thanksgiving (here in Canada). I’m working from 8-4. I know, I know…it’s thanksgiving! But who could give up double time and a half?? I’m glad I get to work during the day and not in the evening like some others have to. But then again, not everyone celebrates thanksgiving so it probably isn’t a big deal for them.

Well, that’s all for now. Let’s hit the hay, get some decent rest, and head off to work tomorrow! I’m actually kinda looking forward to working tomorrow as my manager is working tomorrow and we sit right next to each other. She’s a nice lady. 🙂


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