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Things that make you go "Hmmm…"

I’ve been thinking of creating a post about this a long time ago but I have been way too busy. Well, as they say…there is no better time than the present!

This post will simply be a ranting and complaining post about things that irritate me while on the bus.

1.- People who stand right at the front of the door.

Why do people have to stand there, ESPECIALLY when the bus is empty? I cannot count how many times I’ve stepped on a bus and had to shimmy my way past a large bag carrying person who chooses to stand right in the front! Why can’t they move to the back? And what’s with the people who stand right beside them, making it virtually impossible to enter the bus altogether?

2.- People who WON’T get up for others.

Let’s face it- I have an invisible illness. People won’t look at me and think “wow, that girl has lupus and is a dialyzor…she’s probably tired. Let me offer her my seat”. Ok, I get that. But, when an elderly man steps on the bus with a cane, what’s with people looking down/avoiding his gaze because they don’t want to give up their seats? It’s so rude! This also applies to people with small children and/or baby carriages. I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten up for people on a full bus when I wasn’t even sitting at the front of the bus…more like the middle. I distinctly remember one woman (in a nurses outfit) putting her head down and closing her previously open eyes right after she saw the elderly man I mentioned previously get on the bus. Really??

3.- Smelly Stinkies!

Yes, it’s definitely your choice to smoke. What I hate is when you sit down beside me and I have to choke on the smell of stale cigarette smoke permanently imbedded in the pores of your clothing and probably your skin. It’s so gross! I remember once actually getting up and sitting elsewhere because someone who smoked sat beside me. Ugh!

4.- Listen to how cool my music sounds!

Why do people have to blast their iPods/cell phone music players so loud? Honestly, I really don’t care if Beyonce thinks you shoulda put a ring on it, or if Kanye West thinks you’re being heartless! Yes, I also listen to both artists on my iPod, but at a normal volume! There is no reason for me to be on one end of the Subway and I can hear your music when you’re on the other side! And nevermind irritating me…that’s bad for your hearing!


Ugh! You are so gross! Don’t sneeze on me! Haven’t you seen the commercials? Sneeze in your sleeve! That goes for coughing too! I can’t say I’m a big fan of you yawning in my face either. I mean, sheesh! Let’s be considerate here!

6- Mmm…tasty!

People get hungry. It’s a fact of life. But if you’re going to eat on the bus…or anywhere for that matter, do you have to eat with your mouth wide open? I can smell what you are eating…do I really have to see the partially digested food in your mouth? Yuck!


Yup, like anyone else, if the bus is empty, I put my backpack on the seat beside me. However, once it starts to get even slightly full, I remove my back, not waiting for someone to look me dead in the eye before I subsequently ROLL my eyes and slowly pick up my bag. There was a lady on the subway today who had her leg stretched across two chairs as she sat in one. So, in total, she was occupying three chairs. It wasn’t busy on the bus at first, but after a few subway stops, it was to a point where the subway got considerably busy. Nobody asked her to move because she looked slightly older (maybe mid-late 60s). She had a cane as well, so I kind thought that her leg was hurting her. But when it was her subway stop, she popped out of her seat like a heated popcorn kernal and skipped off on her way. Really??


There are a number of people who hang around the subway and ask for money. I am happy to spare some change if I have any in my pocket. But there is one scary looking guy who gets in your face (he doesn’t speak english) and he says “GIVE ME MONEY” then starts motioning to his mouth as though he wants money to eat. He’s really quite scary and he gets right in your face! He scares me and I am afraid to give him money to be honest.

Ok so I know I sound like a complete and total whiner, but I know there are plenty of you out there who feel the same! What are some of your pet peeves when you’re out and about in your city?

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