This week is reading week. That means no school all week! That also generally means that I am pretty much at the half way point of the semester. I couldn’t be happier to be progressing.

I went to work today from 10am-1:30pm. I used some over my banked overtime hours so that I could sleep in this morning. I want to savour reading week as much as possible. Work was busy today. Even though I got there an hour and a half later than usual, I still felt like I was there all day!

After a long day at work, I got on the bus and headed home. After being about half way home, I noticed that some of the people on the bus were looking out the window, looking shocked. I got up and moved to the back of the bus, as at that very moment a lady with a baby carriage, a baby, and a toddler got on the bus.

As I headed back and also looked out the window, I noticed a man stumbling up the sidewalk. He swayed from side to side, dangerously close to the flow of steady traffic. I gasped out loud as I saw him step right into the street and in front of a now abruptly stopped taxi cab. The obviously intoxicated man put his hand up in a “Stop” motion to the cab. Other cars in the lanes near the cab screeched to a stop also, unsure of what this man’s unpredictable next action would be. By that time, my bus, which was travelling in the wrong direction, started moving. I noticed the taxi cab driver talking into his walkie talkie. I hope he was telling his dispatcher to call the police, as that man was on another planet! I just hope he didn’t step into traffic at the wrong time and get hurt.

This week will be a week of utter relaxation for me. I plan to catch up with friends, sleep in, etc. I will also do the other important chores, like bloodwork, laundry, etc.

I have this weird bump on/in my right knee. It’s not huge, but it is quite big. It’s perhaps the size of a medium sized marble. It moves around and sometimes it seems to sneak under or behind my knee cap and I cannot find it! I first discovered it about a month ago…then I “lost” it, then just this evening when I got out of the shower I found it again! What the heck is it?


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