After returning from our vacation to Florida, I went online to check my father’s visa bill. I was shocked to see a charge for $39.01 from the hotel we stayed at, since I paid for the trip on my own credit card.

I promptly called the hotel and asked for an explanation. I was told that there was a $1.99 charge daily for the room safe, and $2.95 charge daily for the in room computer. I was shocked to hear this, as none of us used or asked for any of these room extras. I brought my own laptop and wifi was free, so I had no use for their computer. Anything of absolute value we took with us and did not leave in the safe.

The man I spoke to told me that we agreed to these charges when we checked in. I begged to differ. When they asked my Dad for his credit card, they said it was just in case there was any damage to the room. Sneaky indeed! Since it was 10pm, the person I spoke to told me to call the next day and speak to the manager. When the conversation was over, I received an email which itemized the charges. I forwarded the email to my Father and told him what was going on. He said he would email the manager the following day, which he did.

After 2 days, my Dad told me that the manager emailed him back. In a short message, he apologized for the inconvenience and agreed to refund the money charged.

The manager absolutely made the correct decision. You will note that I had mentioned how we had ongoing problems with our room key after management did not seem to know that they had put us in a certain room and were trying to bust our door down at 12:30am. Many people would have asked for compensation for that…but we did not. So it was quite the slap in the face for us to come home and see EXTRA charges on the bill!

I’m glad that it is rectified.

Now, tomorrow is my last day to absolutely relax and veg before *gasp* school! My brother’s girlfriend took me for a massage today as I told her how stressed out I had been during my last semester. It was wonderful! 😀


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