Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who read my last post, whether you commented or not. I really feel loved by my blog community. To all of you who believe in a higher power, please keep both myself and my brother in your thoughts. Here’s to hoping that a few months from now, I won’t be taking pictures of my dialysis machine and posting them, but I’ll be taking pictures of a big, grotesquely beautiful scar on my mid section and posting that- my wonderful battle wound sybolizing a brand new kidney.

Secondly- R.I.P. MJ. I’m still afraid to go down to the basement by myself because of the song Thriller. However, I do appreciate the song Billy Jean. If I didn’t mention this story already, when I was a young tyke (probably 4 years old), my parents took myself and my siblings to Disney World. We were in an outdoor seating area eating lunch when all of a sudden Billy Jean started playing. I immediately dropped the french fry in my hand, jumped out of my seat, and started dancing in the middle of the seating area. Very much amused, other families eating their lunch started to throw money at me. I love MJ.

Today when I went outside to check the mail after completing my World Religions assignment, I noticed a letter in the mail not addressed to anyone in my family. In fact, the address was all wrong also. At first glance, the address seemed similar, but not quite. I did, however, notice that the street listed on the envelope was within walking distance to my house. So I went back inside the house, proofread my assignment one more time, then put on my birkenstocks and went for a walk to deliver the letter. I decided that I’d also buy a lotto ticket for Lottomax, which currently has a grand prize of 50 million dollars. So I delivered the letter to a very surprised and thankful receipient. She was shocked and pleased that I delivered her letter. I googled the “from” address on the letter and it was from a credit card company, most likely her monthly statement. After returning the letter is when I bought my lottery ticket. Will I win the 50 million? Hopefully I’ll be thanked with ridiculous amounts of money for my good deed.

…I also rewarded myself and bought an orange and coke slurpee.


2 comments on “Good Karma?

  1. Hi Flow,

    I nominated you for a blog award. Hope everything is going well.


  2. thank you, Melanie! What are these awards about? is there a website link?



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