Get a transfusion.

As I mentioned, I had to repeat my bloodwork and therefore got a repeat cbc done. On tuesday, my hemoglobin was 64 (or 6.4). Today, two days later, my hemoglobin is down again, 62 (or 6.2)

How very distressing. Why is it that everytime I’m on the right track where transplant is concerned, something always comes up? My nurse called me this afternoon and told me the news, and that my nephrologist Doc Richardson wants me to get transfused.

I felt so empty after. I don’t want a transfusion. So I decided to call my transplant coordinator (Julie Cissell) and see what she had to say. She reassured me. Worst case scenario, I develop a bunch of antibodies and I need to go on some sort of a program for that which typically lasts 5 months. I don’t like the idea of waiting 5 months…but at the same time, I’ve been waiting this long. What’s another 5 months I guess..? That is, of course, assuming that the worst case scenario occurs. Let’s hope it doesn’t.



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