I got my blood transfusion today. So that will definitely bring my hemoglobin up. Doc Richardson is also going to look at my mmf and my prednisone, as they are both known to drop hemoglobin as well.

On the way home, I asked my dad to stop at the 7-eleven to buy me a slurpee. While inside, another lady exited the 7-eleven and approached my half open window as I sat in the passenger side of the car.

“DO YOU HAVE ANY SPARE CHANGE FOR THE BUS?” she asked loudly. I told her I didn’t. “WELL CAN YOU CHECK YOUR PURSE?!?!” she asked, again loudly, and in an agitated manner.

Mmmyah right. I’ll pull out my wallet so this woman has the opportunity to stick her whole body into my open window and steal my wallet.

“I don’t have any change” I responded.


Oh man..what’s taking my dad so long with that slurpee??

“NO. I just got out of the hospital and I don’t have any money..!” I said, a bit louder than before.


“LISTEN. I just got out of the hospital. See?” I pulled up my sleeve to reveal my gauze and tape covered fistula. “So please, I don’t have any change so please leave me alone”‘

she responded “Oh ok. Well then…” and then she sauntered away.

When my dad returned a few moments later, I told him about the ordeal. He told me that she had just gotten kicked out of the 7-eleven, probably for harassing customers.

Can you check your purse. WTH?


2 comments on “I am transfused

  1. Hopefully the transfusion will help your counts and not delay the transplant.

    I remember when I went to France people were very persistent about spare change. They saw that we were from America and assumed we were rich. When we didn't give up our change (because we were actually very broke and in high school) they would swear at us in French. However, since we were in high school, the first words we learned in French were swears so we knew exactly what they were saying.


  2. Can you take a flying leap of the closest curb and get a job. I'm sorry but I think I would've lost my patience and said this to her. Often times they do this then grab quick and run with your stuff. Oy. Feel better and thanks for having me. Tazzy


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