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Bah, it was hard!

So I can finally close the “study for the NKE” chapter in my life. I studied, I paid copious amounts of money for study guides, I did group studies with others…and after about 2.5 hours, it’s all done and over with.

Maybe the title of my post is deceiving. I don’t feel that the NKE was difficult per se, but I do feel that the study guides that I used did not seem to prepare me enough for the exam. I know that the people who create these guides do not have direct access to what is on the test, so they can only do the best that they can. In fact, I actually do feel a lot more knowledgeable and comfortable with HR concepts after using some of these guides. I just feel that some of the questions asked on the exam did not seem to translate. Well, I will have to wait until December before I get my mark. If I did not pass, I will need to go to get a degree before I can officially obtain my CHRP, as the deadline for being able to get that designation without a degree is December 31 2010, and the October 2 sitting of the exam was the last sitting of the year.

Well, we will have to see how it goes. But, I am not a quitter. If I have to write again, I will. But one thing is for certain-that CHRP designation WILL be mine.


2 comments on “Bah, it was hard!

  1. Good luck!! I have to take the GREs soon for admission to graduate school, so I feel your pain!


  2. Gah! Graduate school!! *runs and hides*

    Haha! Good luck and keep me posted!


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