Yay, this is my 400th post! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had a clinic appointment today with my nephrologist. The fellow I saw was Dr. Curran. I dunno…there’s just something about him…he’s very personable, funny, and smart. One of my favourite fellows to date.

Anyhow, I got another blood pressure med to help my mysteriously rising bp. I stopped all blood pressure meds shortly after starting home hemo, but for some reason my blood pressure has been rising. I’m hoping that my body will go back to “normal” and the blood pressure will go down. I also got Avamys to help with my sinus headaches. It’s a nasal spray. Man I hope it works for me like it did last time I used it (back when I had that horrid ear infection) because these headaches essentially render me useless for their duration and nothing seems to really help them.

After that, I got some blood work done and went to get a chest x-ray done as I still seem to have a bit of wheezing going on. We’ll see if anyone calls me tomorrow to report on results. As they say..no news is good news.

I went to see my transplant coordinator for a couple of reasons. First of all, I wanted to show Julie my stomach scar from when I had a perforated bowel. The post to the pictures of my stomach scar is HERE. I wanted to ask her if she could point me in the right direction to have the scar fixed a bit as my appointment with the plastic surgeon ended up being a bust (he said he did not want to do the surgery as I was on prednisone/MMF, but when I was off them he’d be happy to do the surgery. Um…I have Lupus and don’t plan to be off of those medications any time soon… ) So she’s going to look into that.

Also, Thursdays are supposed to be the day that the transplant doctors have a meeting, look at your file, etc. and decide if you are cleared for surgery. The transplant doctor was not in last thursday, so the meeting would take place today. Would you believe that they got too busy and did not have time to discuss me? :(:( but they have PROMISED to make me a priority for next thursday’s meeting…so hopefully I’ll have a DEFINITIVE answer by then. After my file is reviewed and assuming everything is okay, the next step is…a DEFINITE surgery date! ๐Ÿ™‚

Again, well keep my blog posted where that is concerned.


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