My hematologist called me yesterday afternoon to report back on my bone marrow biopsy/aspiration results.

My hematologist called me on my cell, which shows that he got the message I left with his secretary the day before otherwise he’d have called me at home. At first, he said “you don’t want to do another bone marrow biopsy, do you?” I immediately giggled a bit and said no, as I automatically assumed he was joking, knowing the amount of pain I went through the last time (last few times to be exact). He continued after that.
“you have protein in your bone marrow…too much protein” is what he said.
About a million thoughts went through my mind. What does this mean? What do I do now? Maybe he wasn’t joking…maybe he DOES seriously want me to do another biopsy. How is this going to effect the transplant?
He then asked me if I had any appointments coming up at the hospital so that I could come and see him at the same time. I told him that I didn’t, however I would come in any day that he wanted me to. I’m not in school or at work or anything, so none of my other activities would be disturbed. Even if I DID have other activities…this sounds important. He said he wanted to run a few more tests. I agreed.
Again, he didn’t give me any specific details as to what this means. The first thing I did after hanging up the phone was jump on google. I was a bit startled (google “too much protein in bone marrow” to see what I saw). It’s important not to “jump the gun” and get all sorts of ideas into my mind before I actually see the doctor, so that’s what I’m going to do: remain cool, calm, and collected.
I told my brother. I’ve always been my brother’s side kick. He’s 4 years older than me. He went into protective brother mode. He said if, heaven forbid, I should need a bone marrow transplant…he’d do that too if he was a match. He pretty much said he’d do anything. That’s really sweet to me, because he doesn’t know what’s involved with the procedure. All he knows is that I complained to him a month ago about how painful the bone marrow biopsy was, and he doesn’t know if he’ll be subjecting himself to the same kind of pain.
Well, I haven’t much else to say where the bone marrow results are concerned, but, as usual, I will report back where that is concerned. I will also be attending that dermatology thing next Thursday where my dermatologist wanted her colleagues to look at the whites spots on my face. I’ll report back on that also.
Keep me in your thoughts…and send positive vibes to me here in Toronto…

3 comments on “Protein..?

  1. I'll be anxiously awaiting to hear what all of this means. I pray that you're able to have a calm spirit until you learn more and I pray that everything is okay.


  2. Thank you Jennifer!

    I appreciate the prayers and thoughts, and I hope the man upstairs will go with me to my appt on Tuesday!



  3. Thinking and praying!


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