Tomorrow will be my second physiotherapy session.  Oddly, I’m looking forward to it.  Well, perhaps it isn’t overly odd, but I do want to go. Not necessarily because I love doing physiotherapy, but because I just look forward to getting out of the house as I have spent most of my time here as of late.

I’m limited in terms of going out and stuff because I do not want to overdo it.  In my desperation and desire to simply get out of the house, last Sunday I went to a local Sally’s beauty supply…just to buy some hair pins that I wanted.  After that, I went to the post office to pick up a package.  I took the bus.  Taking the bus wasn’t too bad as I luckily encountered some very polite and courteous people.  One bus driver actually held my hand so that I could sit down when I got on the bus, and he held my hand when it was time for me to get off the bus.  I was pleasantly surprised with that as he totally didn’t have to do that…but I wasn’t complaining! 🙂

I’m not feeling the greatest today. It’s bad enough when you’re not feeling well…but when stuff starts happening to you outside of you not feeling well…it’s just a recipe for a bad day.  For example, I went downstairs to the kitchen to try and get myself something to eat as I needed to take my medication.  When I picked up the plate I wanted to use…another plate went crashing to the ground.  I guess the bright side of that is the fact that the plate didn’t fall on my foot..nor did break in to a million pieces.  I picked up the 5 or 6 pieces, nearly in tears, and retreated to my room to eat breakfast.

I ate, took my meds, and relaxed a bit.  I went to use the washroom that is in my room…and lo and behold..the toilet won’t flush.  Why, why, why me!  Bright side? Well, at least the toilet simply didn’t flush as opposed to it flooding/overflowing.  Yep, I guess.

I called my Dad and told him what had happened.  This had happened a few months before: there is something in the tank of the toilet that is broken.  My dad fixed it on a temporary basis, but since it worked just fine for a number of months, I think the more permanent solution slipped his mind. My dad told me that if I lift the lid off of the tank and push or pull or do something, I can make the toilet flush.  I opened the tank (hunched over from my stomach ache, mind you) and couldn’t find what he wanted me to push (or pull).  So I grabbed my new video camera, made a video, and will email it to my father for further instruction. (and oh yes, I can’t wait to make some vlog videos to post on my blog!).

So that’s all for now.  My video is done uploading to youtube, so now it’s time for me to send it to Dad for further instruction. Oh, and don’t go looking for the video on my youtube channel- I made it private and only those with the link for the video can watch it 😛


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