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Food with Friends

I haven’t been ignoring my blog…I swear.  I really just haven’t had much to say.

My routine has been pretty simple for the past few weeks.  I’ve been going to work, relaxing at home, doing homework, etc.

Last week Monday was a pretty cool day.  I took the bus to work because my father, who would normally drive me to work, was out of the country.  So i took the bus, got off at my stop, and walked towards my building.  When I went through the doors and was in the lobby before the security doors, I saw my old childhood/neighborhood friend Kiko.  I knew he worked for the same company I worked at, but his location used to be downtown.  He had told me previously that his company had moved from downtown to my building. I still hadn’t seen him in a few years, and it was just very coincidental and nice that I saw him in the lobby/security area.  I only managed to catch him there because he had forgotten his security pass and couldn’t go any further without getting someone to sign him in.

I’m glad I caught him in the lobby, as we went for lunch together along with one of his co-workers to a place nearby.  It was a fried chicken place-the authentic kind.  Rice and peas..all that.  Delicious. be honest, I haven’t much to say yet.  Still waiting on transplant stuff.  Just wanted to touch base 🙂


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