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Houndstooth Infinity Scarf ftw!

I was browsing around on etsy a few weeks ago looking for a new scarf.  I came across a seller who was selling a nice houndstooth infinity scarf! When I saw it, I couldn’t resist…so I bought it.

What’s even better is this: before I got the scarf in the mail, the seller messaged me and thanked me for my purchase.  She also told me that because I bought this scarf, another scarf would be donated to someone in need! I had no idea that this was the case when I made the purchase.  In the email, the seller also asked me to take a picture of myself in the scarf as she wanted to compile a blog post or something with everyone who made a purchase of one of her scarves.  I was excited to get it.

The scarf would be coming from the States.  It came rather quickly..it probably took a week and a half.  When I took it out of the envelope that it was packaged in, this is what I saw!

How sweet!

So the scarf is gorgeous and I’m glad I got it.  I’m even happier that a donation will be made to someone else who needs a scarf.

Here’s the link for where I bought the scarf, though my particular scarf does not seem to be available anymore 😦


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