firstly, let me say this.  last week i was on my laptop and i accidentally spilled water on it-about the equivalent to 2 tablespoons.  after that…my laptop went nuts.  first, the 8 button kept pressing…so if i clicked on the address bar, the number 8 would continuously appear.  it stopped soon..but then the number 8 was replaced with the ‘down’ button. so, no matter what i did, or what i clicked on, everything would scroll down.  after a while, that also settled down.

now, the problem that has settled in is the fact that both of my shift keys don’t work.  i cannot capitalize any of my words, nor can i get any of the characters above the number keys, such as the exclamation mark, pound sign, percent sign, etc.  after doing some research online, i found out that purchasing a new keyboard for my computer and replacing it would be my best bet.  my warranty on my laptop has run out.  even if it did not, i would still have to pay for them to ‘repair’ it since it was essentially my own negligence that caused the damage.  so after doing my internet research and viewing youtube, i’ve found out that i can probably resolve the issue myself by buying a replacement laptop that is fit for my computer, removing the one currently there, and replacing it.  i expect my replacement keyboard by the end of the week.  wish me luck..

anyhow, i have been experiencing some fatigue, runny nose, sore throat, etc.  fatigue is slowly going away, as is my cough. dry mouth is also getting better.  i’m hoping that i am on the mend.  i believe that my neti pot is washing away the excess ‘junk’ in my sinuses which is a good thing.  i plan to use it again before i go to sleep, and again in the morning.

just wanted to update quickly.  typing without using my shift key is quite annoying to say the least…haha


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