It has been about 3 weeks since my transplant! When I touch my stomach over my kidney (or shall I say lightly press) it is still sore. This is mostly where the incision is, though. The incision is fully closed, though…and it looks good.

I don’t believe I mentioned this on the other Post-Transplant post, so I’ll mention it here. After the transplant, I noticed that I had to go to the washroom several times a day (and night). This was after the catheter was removed, of course.  When I did go, the amount of urine seemed to be very small.  This made me a bit nervous. When my surgeon came to see, I asked him about this.  When my own kidneys still worked, I don’t remember having to go to the washroom/bathroom/toilet every 30 minutes!! (Well, perhaps a slight exaggeration, but it was quite a bit. Perhaps every hour at night…and even more frequently during the day).  What my surgeon told me made perfect sense.
Our bladders are essentially muscles. Like any other muscle in the body, if it remains unused for a long period of time, it will get weaker…and smaller.  I had been on dialysis from 2004 to 2012, so my bladder remained largely unused for that entire period of time.  My surgeon told me that as time went on, things would begin to normalize. My bladder would get stronger, so in the future I wouldn’t feel that urge that I have to go to the washroom and I have to go NOW!! On top of that, the bladder will get bigger and be able to accommodate a larger volume of fluid as time goes on.
Now that I am 3 weeks, almost a month in, I can say from experience that this is obviously true.  I still go to the bathroom quite a bit, but not as much.  I do feel that this will improve even further as time goes on.  The volume of fluid that I am able to hold is much more as well.  Before, when I was in the hospital and the week after I got home, I was producing maybe 100mL/ a little over 3oz of fluid when I went to the washroom.  Now, i’d say that amount has tripled (this is a guess, as I had to measure/write everything that I drank and everything that came out when I was in the hospital…I don’t have to do that anymore).  So, if you just received a kidney transplant and are wondering “Why am I producing so little urine/pee after my kidney transplant?” I hope the above will answer your question.  As always, if you are concerned or confused, definitely ask your doctor.
I still have a urinary stent in place.  That will be removed at the end of the month.  Also, I am still going to the hospital 3 times a week for blood work.  So far so good, as I haven’t had any message left for me on my “easyline” telling me that there are any issues.  I will be seeing my doctor on Monday.  As long as there are no issues, I will be given a blood requisition and will be allowed to do my blood work at a local blood lab instead of travelling all the way to the hospital, which, as I mentioned previously, is about a 30-40 minutes drive.  My local blood lab is about a 5 minute drive away 🙂  I have also been taking my temperature frequently and my temp is under control as well.  
The number of meds I have to take is a bit daunting. I plan to do a post in the future where I take pictures of all my meds individually, just so you can see what they look like.  
I’ve gotta say that I’m glad that the transplant happened in March, as I now have the warm spring weather and even warmer summer weather to enjoy. I can go out with friends and such and not have to worry about rushing home to do dialysis. Can’t wait to slather on some sunscreen and enjoy my summer!! 

2 comments on “Post-Transplant Part 2

  1. Crystal Autumn

    I knew about the very small bladder and that it has to grow back to normal size. Currently I tell people I don't make urine. Which technically I don't. But if I drink well over my limits I get this huge urge like I have to pee really bad. Then I will go to the bathroom and only a few drops come out. But you would think I'm holding a bathtub full of liquids. Anyways, sorta excited to get a chance to pee again. Although currently I talk about people talking about they have to go pee when we been out at the stores all day. Gosh, what's wrong with them, I can go forever!lol SIDENOTE: In case you didn't know I finally got on the computer and its much easier to read and reply. Sorry if I'm writing too much.


  2. Writing too much? Girl never that!

    And I was like that too! Drank a boatload of water or juice or something..then feel like I gotta go but get nada (or next to nada)!

    And LOLLL about being out all day and people saying “I have to go to the you?” Me, (with a smile on my face) Nope! I've got kidney failure!



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