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Kidney Transplant Battle Scars!

Just some of the battle wounds from my kidney transplant that happened back on March 1st.  These pics were taken just a few days ago 🙂

This scar was from a line put into my wrist that was used to take my blood pressure during the surgery and the days that followed.  An anesthesiologist’s assistant put it in. It freaked me out because of the location..and also because there was blood gushing out of it like a geyser as the assistant was putting it in. Yes, it hurt..but I’ve had worse 🙂

This is the scar from the line that was put into my neck which controlled my “patient controlled” pain meds. Blood techs also drew blood from the line while it was still there.

This is a small dot on my wrist from my second IV. I had been poked many times before this one was placed successfully with much precision and professionalism 🙂 (thank you, Matthew!)

This is the top of my right hand. This is a scar from my first IV put in by one of my nurses. 
And, of course, my kidney transplant scar as well as the scaring from the staples around the scar. Man was it ever itchy. I wonder how my surgeon managed to cram my brother’s kidney into my stomach because he is so much bigger than I am. My stomach sticks out a bit where the kidney is 🙂


7 comments on “Kidney Transplant Battle Scars!

  1. Crystal Autumn

    You must heal well, or I have a very over exaggerated imagination. Cause the transplant scar doesn't look anything like I imagined. I'm sure it will get even better with more time. Is there anything in particular that you do for your scars?


  2. Not really! Though when I shower, I use both body lotion and an oil mixture I made which consists of olive oil, castor oil, and grapeseed oil. I had the oils lying around my house so I combined them and use it for my skin 🙂


  3. Crystal Autumn

    Hmm…I don't use any oils…maybe that is it. I'm just plain aveeno lotion. My skin is dry and can sometimes be sensitive to stuff if it has too much stuff in it. I really don't like my ICD scar, so I'd like to get rid of that (or minimize it as much as possible). Maybe I will twitpic later so you know what I mean. Until then maybe I will just try those oils. 🙂


  4. Hi miss flow 🙂 I recently had my kidney transplant on the 15th of June everything is fine now but my belly is huge! The doctors checked it out and said it was all gas but I don't know how much gas could possibly make me look 7 months pregnant lol so I insisted on an abdominal scan nd X-ray which showed yea a large bowel gas loops or sumn. Did u experience this at all? I've been taking walks but stll its so big 😦 I hope itl go down with time. And yea my scar site is still hard and sore tho it's healing/ drying up.


  5. Hey Yemi! Thanks for your post. I did experience what was EXTREMELY painful gas after about 2-3 days after surgery. My stomach was full, but not that big. I managed to get rid of it by walking around. I also ate well, as a long time ago, a doctor once told me that if I ate better (I was hardly eating at the time as I was an in patient in the hospital and very unwell), the food would “take over” the space that is currently filled with gas. It was hard for me, because the gas made me feel full and therefore I wasn't very hungry, but I do believe it helped. Are you eating well?

    Other than that, I did not have gas for the amount of time that you seem to have it post-op. Mine lasted maybe 2 days and that was it :s. Since my brother was my donor and were on the same floor, we would get together in the middle of the night and walk around LOL :S 🙂
    Let me know how you're doing!


  6. Oh cool, yea a I saw my doc a few days back and he said to do some brisk walking in the morning which seemed to help a whole lot 🙂 I feel much better now tho, and yea I'm eating properly I think I even eat too much nd I'm worried itl all go to my belly cs I'm quite skinny 50 kg 5'6. O well I guess everything will settle with time, thanks for the response


  7. Hi! I have linked your post on my blog and included a picture of your scar. If you would like for me to remove it please let me know.


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