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Transplant Battle Scars-6 Months Post-Op

I did a post back in April that showed my transplant scars 1 month post op. This post has gotten a lot of attention, so I thought I’d do another similar post, this time showing my scars 6 months post op! 🙂

Inner wrist
1 month post op

6 months post op

1 month post op

6 months post op

Side or arm/wrist
1 month post op
6 months post op


1 month post op
6 months post op
Transplant scar
1 month post op

6 months post op

That’s it! There has been a lot of improvement in the IV scars.  As for the transplant scar, as it has healed further, it has gotten darker. It is smooth and only slightly raised, even though the photo might make it appear more raised than it is. Notice how the little staple scars around the actual transplant scar have healed and faded quite a bit.  I’m proud of my “battle scars”. 🙂


2 comments on “Transplant Battle Scars-6 Months Post-Op

  1. Hanah Fields-Austin

    Why are there scars on your hands/wrists and various other places


  2. Hi Hanah,

    The scar on my neck is because they put a line in your neck for medication. My pain medication through the patient controlled pump went through here.
    The scar on my inner wrist was from a line the anesthesiologist put in there. This line was used so that my blood pressure could be monitored directly and instantly during the surgery. This was more effective, and also better because of the fact I have a fistula and my blood pressure certainly couldn't be taken there.

    The scar on the side of my arm was another iv. This was used to deliver anti viral/anti biotics. This is because my donor had a particular virus that most of the general population already has, but I somehow managed to avoid being exposed to it.

    The scar on the top of my hand was a failed IV insertion attempt, at which point I recommended the nurse use the side of my arm, which worked 🙂

    Hope that helps.


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