I had mentioned a job interview that I went to a few weeks ago. Well I heard back this past week and unfortunately I didn’t get the job. 😦

I was happy to learn that I was one of the top 3 candidates that had been interviewed, but there was another candidate who simply had more on the job experience related to this specific position.

I learned this a week ago and I’m only just posting about it now. I won’t lie… I was pretty bummed. I was really looking forward to finally getting a position in my field and starting a career in the field that I worked so hard to complete and complete with honours. I already feel so behind when it comes to everything…just life in general. I just recently finished school while all of my friends have long finished school and are now working in their chosen careers..or are perhaps working in their chosen field and are taking part time courses. Almost every single one of my friends is married and stuff…I’m far from that.

Yes, yes, I know. It’s not good or healthy to compare yourself with other people. I also know that the people I’m comparing myself to (thankfully) didn’t have to face some of the obstacles that I had to. But sometimes I forget that and still get frustrated. In fact, any job I’ve ever interviewed for…I’ve been offered a position. Maybe it was good for me to see that one doesn’t always get the position, and one doesn’t always get what they want…or at least..not right away.

Jobs are hard to come by nowadays. There is so much competition for every job, no matter what it is. I think this partially adds to my frustration with not getting that position. I managed to get my foot in the door and get the interview..which is difficult enough as literally hundreds of people apply for positions. And then the opportunity slipped through my fingers!

My interview did go pretty well. I did get stumped with one of the questions quite a bit in that it wasn’t a question I had anticipated in all of my practicing, but I still did manage to think on my toes and answer it. I can’t remember my response exactly, but the question was “what do you like most about your current job, and what do you like the least?” The what do you like the LEAST part was the kicker for sure.

Anyhow? I know there will be other interviews and the job that is mine will be mine…I just hope it comes soon..!

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