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It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

My iPhone started acting crazy yesterday.

I would be looking at an app or surfing around, when all of a sudden, several vertical lines would appear on the screen, then it would just shut off. After shutting down to black, the apple logo would appear, indicating that the phone had shut off and was restarting.

This is annoying, I thought. I take very good care of my electronics. I do plan on getting a new phone in the fall, though. But that’s not because I had my current phone-I certainly do not. It’s moreso because this phone was my first iPhone (iPhone 5) and I underestimated my shutterbug-ism as well as my app addiction. For this reason, I got both myself and my brother the 16gb phones. I would have been better with the 32gb, or even the 64gb. But 16gb just doesn’t cut it-I need more space. So, I thought I would wait until the new iPhone comes out, likely in the fall, see what it looks like, how it operates, how many phones come out (I think two different kinds), then go from there. But-had it not been for the lack of space, I very likely would have held on to this phone for another year, making it 3 years..probably the longest I’ve kept any phone, except for my very first cell phone back in high school in 2000-my good ol’ samsung sch 3530. Oh yes, I remember the make and the model.

I wanted this phone so bad that I sat on the phone for hours calling different Bell stores trying to find it. I tried to order it through Sears using my mom’s Sears card, but then, even though they said it was in stock, it wasn’t. But, they still charged my mom’s card. Then, instead of refunding it, they charged it again. It was a nightmare. But, it did eventually get resolved.  But then, on that fateful day, I thumbed through the phone book and called a Bell store in Chinatown. 
“Do you have the Samsung SCH 3530?” I prepared myself to say “ok, well thanks anyway”, and hang up, as I had done dozens of times before.
“Yes we do!” he said.  
“Well…how many do you have??” I asked
“We have six in stock” he said.
By the way, don’t ask me how I remember all of this. I have a really good memory for odd things.
“Well…can you hold one for me?” I asked. He enthusiastically agreed. What a friendly fellow.
Now, it was time to get down to business.  I was too young to have a credit card, and a credit card would be needed to get this done. So, I called my sister at work. I had her fax me a letter with her signature, giving me permission to use her credit card, which was in her drawer, to get this phone. She promptly faxed it over to me. I then snatched up her credit card and TOLD my dad that he was driving me to China Town to buy a phone. 
“A cell phone??” He said.
“Yes.” I replied simply.  At this point, it didn’t matter much. If he didn’t drive me, I’d take the bus.
So, into dad’s van we went and we were off to China Town. I got my new cell phone without incident. But, I’m gonna be honest with you. They actually didn’t understand what this mysterious fax was that I was trying to give them. They just kept saying “ok, ok, ok”. I knew they REALLY didn’t get it when they thanked me at the end of the transaction and called me “Liz”.  I have never been without a cell phone since, and my cell phone number has remained the same too.
Fast forward back into the present. I hope this issue that my cell phone is having gets resolved through this iPhone restore procedure I just completed. Prior to restoring my phone, I was sure to back everything up to my computer and also to the cloud.
The process was quite quick-no more than 20-30 minutes to back everything up, wipe my cell phone clean, then put everything back on.
Most of my apps and settings returned to the phone…except a few. Some were apps that I could very easily re-download, or, if the app no longer existed, there are tons of substitutes. But there were two that I was initially upset about: Note’d and photo safe.
Note’d is like a diary. I used this app to talk about heartache-all the things and people that upset me or made me sad. Lots of “why me’s” and “this is not fair’s”. Photo safe was a collection of pictures under lock and key. pictures of people and things that made me upset.
In the end, it was probably the right thing for me to get rid of these destructive apps.  There was and is nothing wrong with these apps, but just what they were being used for.  I didn’t use or go into these apps much-maybe once every few months to be honest. But the point is…they were still there. They didn’t NEED to be there…and now they’re not…and I’m not mad about that. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise- a forced “let go”.  Even if my phone ends up not working for real and needs to be replaced, it was (and is) an annoying, but perhaps slightly hidden blessing.
Update: I called Apple and they told me that my phone needs to be replaced, so I’ll be heading to the apple store later on this afternoon to get a replacement phone. Out with the old, in with the new..?
Update 2: I got a new phone to replace the old/broken one. Upon physical examination by the “genius” at apple’s genius bar, the top part of my screen seemed to be lifted, almost like my screen was in the beginning stages of popping right off.  The apple employee also asked me if I seemed to be having problems with battery life-I responded yes. He said that the reason my phone was shutting off sporadically and showing those vertical lines was because my battery was defective-it was “swollen”. This could have happened for a number of reasons-just a defective device, use of non-apple approved charging devices, etc. But in the end, and thanks to AppleCare plus, getting my phone replaced was relatively quick and painless, and did not cost me a dime 🙂


4 comments on “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

  1. Hey, I started following you blog two years ago, but stopped when my computer broke down. I have a new computer and am happy to see your still blogging!


  2. thank you! 🙂


  3. Hey! This is Crystal (formally known as IamJanuaryLove on twitter), I was just thinking about you and decided to catch up on your blog. I see quite a bit happened since I last visited. It seems overall that things are going pretty well for you now. I've sort've cut down a bit on my social media/internet use, but I do miss some of it. Anyway, glad to visit your blog still. I'm going to come back soon and comment on some of your previous blogs. They are very interesting. Take care 🙂


  4. Hi Miz Flow, thanks for stopping by my blog. Let me know how the revlon nude lipstick turns with the lip primer.


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