The last number of weeks have been busy. Let me try and brief you on what’s going on:

Last month, I was successful in securing a part time, work from home HR Coordinator internship with a not-for profit organization. If you keep up with my blog, you’ll know that I have been a bit frustrated and at a loss as to what or how I should go about securing an HR role, with my main obstacle being my lack of experience.  Thankfully, this company decided to take a chance on me and give me the opportunity to gain some valuable experience which I can put on my resume. This will hopefully help me in the future when it comes to getting a paid, full time role.  So far so good- I really like it. There is a lot of research and learning involved, and I look forward to the next number of months of work with this organization. I am doing this internship in addition to my current/previous job at the bank.

Next, just 2 days ago was my father’s official last day on the force-he has finally retired! My dad has been on the force since 1978 and has accomplished such greatness in that time-the type of greatness that could take several lifetimes to achieve.  His work in the community has helped bridge the gap between youth and the police-a relationship that can sometimes be strained due to preconceived notions about what “at-risk” youth OR the police are about. It makes me so happy to have such a positive, strong, and selfless man as my very own father. His retirement party is coming up in a couple of days and it’s going to be a big one for sure. After retirement, my dad will still work with the police, but in a chaplaincy capacity.

What a great man.

What a proud daughter.

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll likely already know that I went to Florida with my mom and dad in July. It was an absolute great time.  We drove down in the RV. It was amazing for me, as this is the first time I’ve done something like this since the transplant. What a blessing to be able to do such a thing and not need to worry about coming up with hundreds, even thousands of dollars for dialysis, or worry about getting sick. I didn’t get sick once while we were in Florida, on our way there, or on our way home. Again, what a blessing.  The only hiccup we experienced was an issue with our transmission on our way home. We were in Tennessee in the middle of the night when I was woken up by the sound of my mom yelling my name, telling me to “come come come!” The RV was full of smoke. It turns out there was a leak somewhere near the transmission so we were leaking oil…so essentially, we were driving this huge RV with no oil in it. We were lucky enough to have been towed to a great repair shop with lovely, honest mechanics who got us up and running in a little over a day. It was an adventure to say the least, and I actually look forward to going back to Tennessee to visit our new friends at the repair shop in the future.

One of the most important updates-I’m an aunt! My brother and his girlfriend brought my lovely niece, Mia, into the world exactly one month ago. She’s an absolute gem-I’ll share pictures in the near future! 🙂

That’s all for now I think!

Where did the summer go?? 😦


2 comments on “Life

  1. congratulations all around! to you, your dad, and your brother. i'm glad your trip to FL went well. I'm actually going in October. How did you deal with the whole FL being “one big beach” idea? Many are asking me, “how can you enjoy FL if you can't go in the sun?” I tell them, “the same way I enjoy Los Angeles.” LOL 😀


  2. Thanks for your message, TicklemeBear!
    See, I'm a bit of a..*whispers* “non compliant lupus patient”. I've never really had a problem with the sun aggravating my symptoms, but I was sure to slather on SPF 10 million every day, a number of times a day. Other times I did take shelter to get some relief. Personally, I feel absolutely amazing when I get some sun/vitamin D in me, but I do make an effort to make sure I wear sunscreen and even sometimes cover up when I'm out. But, by no means do I full out “hide” from the sun. It's Florida…I'm going to the beach dagnabit! 😉


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