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Ringing in the new year…with Scleritis!

So I did have an amazing new year. I pretty much rested on New Year’s Day and prepared to go to work the following day. 

When I woke up, I felt a dull ache in my left eye. I thought perhaps I had slept with my watch on my eye and it was aching. So, as usual, I headed into the washroom to wash my hands and then to brush my teeth. Trust that I was shocked (and scared!) by what I saw in the mirror:
What the hell?? What happened to my eye between me going to bed and me waking up in the morning!? There was a bit of water/tears, but no excessive “gunk” in my eye, so I don’t think it’s pink eye..? And pink eye doesn’t “hurt”, does it? 
Well, I was concerned enough to want to go to emerg and get it checked out. I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. I really didn’t want to call in sick to work, especially on the first day back after the new year. But seriously-something was wrong. 
I got to emerg and was seen rather quickly. Oh, side note-did I mention that some weird cyst developed on the underside of my tongue a week and a half or so ago too? Also uncomfortable. So, while in emerg, why not get that checked out too? 2 birds? 1 stone? So as a side note to this story, I ended up having an ENT come see me in emerg. He reviewed my tongue and I believe he said it was a mucosa. He drained it, but warned that it would likely come back. If it did and didn’t disappear on its own after a month, I should see my GP to get referred to an ENT and perhaps it would have to be cut out like another cyst I had on my inner bottom lip a few years back. So there’s that. As I type this post, the cyst is slowly but surely returning. 

Anyhow, the ER doctor saw my eye and referred me to an eye clinic at a nearby hospital for an appointment that afternoon. Overall, while I don’t enjoy being in the ER or in the hospital at all for that matter, this was one of my more enjoyable ER visits. The ER doctor was amazingly pleasant as was the ENT doctor. Boy I lucked out. 
After hours of waiting (luckily my mom was with me to keep me company) I saw the eye doctor who diagnosed me with Scleritis. What’s that!?! Well, it’s this. 

One percent!?! Ha! My luck for sure. 
Anyhow, I was given eyedrops to use 4 times a day

and my prednisone was increased from 5mg daily to 30mg daily for 7 days. 
This whole fiasco began on Friday January 2nd. Progress has been excellent. I have included pictures of my eye on Friday January 2, Saturday January 3, and today, Tuesday January 6. Seems like my scleritis responding well to treatment. 

Crazy, right? And yes, I have to put alarms in my phone to remind me to use my prednisolone drops. 

2 comments on “Ringing in the new year…with Scleritis!

  1. what a start to the new year!! i'm glad everything worked out fine. i hope that cyst doesn't come back 🙂



  2. Hello! I haven't visited your blog before – but I'm also living with lupus, albeit in another part of the world.
    Was sorry to read about the cyst and scleritis – a double whammy! But that's just how it rolls (over us).
    Look after yourself, and come stop by at mine to say hello once in a while 🙂


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