I went to the pharmacy the other day to pick up some epo which I am to use once every two weeks to help with my lack of energy. I injected my first dose two weeks ago, so I’ll be doing the second this week.

I tell ya, it’s been a battle. The part that sucks is that my body won’t let me sleep in very much on the weekends. Midday naps have been my saviour when possible.

In light of this, I asked my manager last week to grant me access to citrix, which is essentially a small device that I can use to log into my computer from home and actually have access to my work information. On those days when I feel like I just can’t stomach the commute to work, I can wake up, log in, and still get my work done. He gave me permission to set myself up with citrix, so I’ve submitted the appropriate online forms to give myself access.

Otherwise, work is going well. I’m sad though, because Friday was my manager’s last day before he goes on to a new role. Thankfully his building won’t be far so we can still meet for lunch now and then, but reporting into him has been amazing. He gave me a chance in HR when no one else would. He believed in me, and I’m glad that I was able to join this amazing team with amazing people and thrive. I’m not sure how he can be replaced, as he’s just so brilliant.

Anyhow, I’m going to go and wash this facial mask off of my face and get myself ready for bed. I’m beat..!

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