The flu shot

As usual and as per the direction of my doctors, I got the flu shot a week ago at my local pharmacy.

My pharmacist told me that this year’s flu shot is more effective than last year’s. Hmm, that’s interesting. So I got my flu shot and away I went.

My arm ached for a bit after the shot, but it really started to hurt as the day went on. My arm and shoulder were so sore that Greg had to carry my purse. Greg usually walks on my right and puts his arm around me, but it was too painful to have his arm there.

As the evening came about, I began to actually feel nauseated. Unrelated, I began coughing and I was so nauseated that the coughing actually caused me to throw up. I took some Tylenol and some gravol and went to bed.

I woke up the next day and my arm was definitely still sore, but the nausea went away. Slowly but surely the pain faded away.

On Wednesday afternoon, I was lying down in bed watching tv when a shot of pain in my shoulder shook my entire body. It was so painful! I made my way around the house and made dinner as gently and gingerly as possible. In wasn’t sure if this was some strange side effect of the flu shot so I googled my symptoms. Of course the first thing that comes up-heart attack.

I was pretty sure I wasn’t having a heart attach for Christ sake.

I went for a massage this morning. My massage therapist did mention the fact that my left shoulder was more tender than the right so she really worked it.

For my own peace of mind, after my massage I headed to the ER.

Thankfully I was in and out of there on about an hour which is record breaking. The doctor suggested that it was muscular and my heart looked fine. He said he didn’t think this had anything to do with the flu shot.

So here I am at home, alternating between heat and ice on my shoulder. I’ve never experienced anything like this before…and I didn’t do any strenuous activity that could cause this…so I’m left wondering if it was, in fact, the flu shot that did this.


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