The last two years have been amazing for me. It has been almost two years since I met Greg, and we are having the time of our lives. He that’s and looks at my like we just met. Two years later and he still gives me butterflies.

To be honest…based on my history, I really never thought I’d find someone as amazing as him…and a lot of my friends knew that I felt that way. I had dealt with a lot of shit, not only relationship wise, but health wise too. So when Greg came along and my friends saw how happy i was, they were all happy for me too.

Well…almost all of them.

Someone i used to be close to resented the fact that I was in a relationship. She was mad that I wasn’t spending as much time with her after I met Greg as I was before.

I would say that i’m a bit of a late bloomer among my friends when it comes to relationships. My closest friends and I went to school with and grew up with began to get into relationships, then got married, then had children. At first, I didn’t understand it. One of my best friends began to fade away a bit and I knew it was because she was focused on her relationship. I blogged about it. In my blog post I talked about how much I missed her. She happened to visit my blog and read it.

She understood. She called me, we talked about it, and we made a promise to hang out when possible, but to also understand that as we get older, our focus shifts a bit. For the most part, the goal of a relationship is either marriage or at least a long term commitment. The goal is to foster this relationship into something that will last forever. This goal was that this relationship would result in a family.

I understood.

Years later, I found myself on the otherside. I met a wonder man who swept me off of my feet. We of course spent a lot of time together. So when I came across my (former) friend, she basically stated that I had abandoned my friends now that I was in a relationship. I never called anymore. It’s interesting because I had sent her a few messages before that and she didn’t respond. I messaged her again and challenged her for not responding. She said she was busy with her own stuff so I left it at that. She messaged me again and i didn’t answer.

So for that reason i was shocked that she felt that I was abandoning my friends when I took me at least 3 messages to get a response from her. That was nearly a year ago.

I came to find the other day that she unfriended me from various social media sites.

Like, as people get older, things change. I’m spending time with someone who I plan on building a future with. I still manage to have relationships with my other friends. My friends that aren’t mad at me for having a boyfriend. In gaining a boyfriend I lost exactly 1 friend, someone who clearly wasn’t a friend to begin with or they would be happy that I’m happy.

I’m in a job that I love that just gave me an amazing bonus and an even more amazing raise. Greg and i are working hard to build our future together. I have zero time for needy, immature people.

I wish no one any ill will, but I won’t be upset about someone unfriending me because I’m in a relationship and happy.



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