Today was a busy one at work. I feel super happy to have the opportunity to work on and lead so many new and exciting projects.

Today I had a meeting with one of my co-workers to get her assistance on one of the projects I’m working on. In my department, we have a form very appropriately called the ‘onboarding form’. This is a form that a hiring manager would fill out and send to me and my colleague when they have hired someone new that will be starting on their team soon. This also applies to individuals who are transferring into my department from another one as well as those returning from a leave.

Generally speaking, the purpose of this form is for the management team to inform us of the new hire’s name, job title, and required equipment (laptop, headset, etc). Once we receive it, we will submit the appropriate requests to get the employee’s email address activated, equipment ordered, etc. I have been tasked with re-working this form to make it easier to complete as well as ensure that all the details that we require are included in the form.

The reason I had a meeting with my coworker regarding this form is the fact that it is a ‘very macro’ form in Microsoft word. I haven’t the foggiest idea how to work or edit macros. The reason it requires macros is so that managers cannot ‘accidentally’ delete fields or accidentally edit the form itself. So it’s just a fillable form. I learned a lot today from my coworker Megan. She’s really smart 😊

I’m also working on a project related to Skype. I am piloting video Skype with a few members of the team. In its current state, we can only video message other individuals within the organization. If all goes well, recruiters will be able to do video interviews with external candidates.

It’s just such a far stretch from what I used to do. There was no opportunity to work on something like this that could potentially simplify the way we do things.

I’m really happy with where I am and what I’m doing, but I’m even more excited for what’s to come in the future 🙂


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