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All Moved In!

I’ve been so busy of the last several weeks that I haven’t been able to post this update. Greg and I moved in together! We rented a condo and moved in on May 1. Super exciting!

We’ve basically been unofficially living together anyway, but it’s nice for us to finally have our own space with our own stuff! We of course still have boxes and such everywhere, but our place is certainly coming along nicely.  As usual, my parents have been absolute Godsends. My mom got us a bunch of cutlery, pots, plates, etc., while my Dad got us a TV and helped me move several things into the condo while I was at work.

The majority of our furniture was ordered from Wayfair. It was my first time ordering from them, so I wasn’t sure what the timing would be like. At the same time, I wanted to make sure that things like our bed, couch, etc., arrived before our move-in date. For that reason, I ordered a number of things and had them shipped to my parents house. My parents helped me bring our bed and TV stand to the condo. They also helped bring the countless number of smaller boxes that had things like bedsheets, towels, oven mitts, etc. in them. This move went so smooth because of their help.

We also lucked out in the landlord department as well. His previous tenant moved out on April 15, so he gave us access to the unit early so that we could start moving things in. My mom also used this opportunity to clean everything and line my kitchen cupboards with decorative paper. She’s so cute/sweet.

Because we didn’t have easy access to a stove, Greg and I spent most of our money on take-out unfortunately. It feels amazing to have our own kitchen where we can eat and cook things that are green/have some degree of nutritional value.

The location is super convenient as it is right by the subway. All I have to do is cross the street and boom, i’m in the subway.

I’m usually home before Greg, so I use those extra few minutes to get dinner started. I can’t tell you how much I live for hearing his keys in the door, having him come in, and squeeze me for like 5 minutes straight. Ugh, I adore him. We’re gross, I know.

Months before we got our place, Greg and I were in Chinatown and found a large store that had a seemingly endless amount of kitchen essentials, including plates, cutlery, bowls, etc. We swore that we would come back once we got our own place. Well, we kept our promise to ourselves and went there today. While the plates my mom got us certainly held us over, we bought some much needed bowls, medium sized bowls, mixing bowls, etc. I’ll take everything out of the bags and wash them/put them away tomorrow. I don’t know whether or not I should be embarrassed to say this, but i’ve never used a dishwasher, nor do I know how. Based on the number of things we bought, I’m guessing now would be a good time to figure it out.

Anyhow, just wanted to share this exciting news! Now…time to go and make dinner… 😐

2 comments on “All Moved In!

  1. I’m so late with this news but so happy to hear xoxoxoxo


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